Detached Youth Work

We reach out to young people on their patch

Let's move on out!

What is Detached Youth Work?
Detached youth work is where we leave the building and talk to young people where they are. It might be at the local park, or out on the streets and our main goals are to advertise the work that we do and also to get to know them. Not all young people may want to come into a session in a building but most are happy to receive support and talk to us on their own patch.

Who do we see?
The predominant age range of young people that we engage with is between 9 and 20 years old, but at special activities such as our pop-up Lunchbox session, the group expands. It ensures we reach out to as many people as possible, even if it's just to show presence or hand out a free drink.

Ready to help out?
"We reach into the heart of this community, working with young people. We are here building bridges and supporting young people."
Jonathan Whitehouse, NLS Youth Worker