Drop-in sessions

We provide avenues for young people to make the most of their leisure time

Come on in!

What are drop-in sessions?
At New Life Support, we believe in the power of opening doors - literally and otherwise! Once a week, our church hall is open to the young people of Goole to gather and engage both with us and the resources we offer. At its simplest level, our drop-in sessions involve use of our table tennis facilities, the pool table, or even just time on the XBox. At the moment, our drop-in sessions are not running due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but we hope to resume the services as soon as government guidance will allow.

We also offer

Targeted Support Work

To be an open ear about the issues youth face and to provide information that could help them make the best choices they can.


To bring in tutors to upskill young people. In the past we've done workshops on DJ-ing, video production, rap, art, and spray

Ready to help out?
"We want to help young people and understand some of the issues that they may have in their lives. So that means inviting professionals into our drop-ins."
Steve Green, NLS Coordinator