Lunchbox Goole

Our belief is that food should never be a barrier to people achieving their full potential.

What is Lunchbox Goole?

Lunchbox Goole was set up in the summer of 2020 to ensure children, young people, and their families would not go hungry during the Covid-19 induced lockdown. As families faced financial hardships, Lunchbox Goole proved a vital service for the summer holidays. And we're not stopping there!

What we've achieved

Bridging the gap

Nearly 2,000 meals given away in the summer of 2020. Foundation set for future holidays

Better together

Established partnerships with local businesses to build community spirit

Changing lives

Volunteering on bespoke projects gives youth the chance to enhance their potential.

If you would like to volunteer for the next session of Lunchbox Goole please get in touch

What they said

"I honestly couldn't be more proud seeing this its simply beautiful its message says human dignity not desperation."
Steven Wood, via Facebook
"You are an absolute inspiration. So lucky to have you here."
Mag Fallon, via Facebook