About Us

Our mission is to improve the lives of young people in Goole and East Yorkshire

Who we are

New Life Support is a project that aims to help young people. We want to give young people the best life possible. We do this through various activities, information, and support to help them make the choices that best fulfil their potential.

Started in 2013, New Life Support has grown into a valuable resource for the young people of Goole to meet with professionals, experts, and mentors. It enables them to make the best use of their time and to gain key skills that help them achieve the best out of their lives.
"We saw the need for a support group among young people, who were basically getting into trouble with the law and at home. We wanted to do something about that."
Steve Green, NLS Coordinator

What we're built on


We are determined not to work in isolation, so we partner with other groups and experts. That is why we get together under a partnership called Goole Youth Action so as to provide a seamless offer to the young people of Goole.


Trustees are members of the public that can offer volunteering of a higher capability. They bring together skills and expertise that ensure we are compliant with all relevant guidelines and help us achieve our objectives and ambitions.


Financial support comes through pots of funding whether that's from the council or through Children in Need or private donations. Every penny, whether through public or private sources, goes directly into funding all of our activities.

Ready to make a difference?
"Trustees are really important to a charity. They can offer volunteering that's of a higher capability"
Liz Green, NLS Volunteer Administrator